viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

Body Odors originate from an interaction between skin gland secretions and bacteria on our skin. As people age, the activity of different types of skin glands changes, evidently, and this factor may contribute to the perceived change in body odor with age.
Two things are certain:

1 - The smell of elderly people’s skin is different, compared with younger one. Scientifically the real reason isn’t clear yet, with those who say that it is a sign of the “good genes” that have allowed a male to live into old age, as it happens in the animal world, making him more attractive to females. While other scientists believe that the change could be associated with increased inflammation (part of an immune response) within the bodies of the elderly.
2 – The smell of the elderly people body seems less intense and less unpleasant than the body odor of young or middle-aged people, according to study researcher Johan Lundström, at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. On the contrary, most young people affirms and guess that old people’s odor is unpleasant. But this probably has more to do with negative perceptions of old age, rather than with the odor itself, as the new study indicates.

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