viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

STUDY: Science says that old people smell good…wait what?

Old people do indeed have a distinctive odor, say scientists, but it’s a lot better than reputation and bad jokes would suggest. A study involving the unenviable task of sniffing underarm pads found that those aged 75 to 95 gave off a scent more pleasant and less intense than most of those in two younger groups, ages 20 to 30 and 45 to 55, reports the Los Angeles Times. Another quirk: Sniffers could detect gender differences in the younger groups, but not the oldest one, notes the Washington Post. ”As you grow older, you smell more and more like a woman,” says the lead scientist, citing changes in men’s hormones. “It’s almost as if you’re going back to what happened before puberty.” Their female counterparts fared the best overall

This is why people don’t respect science anymore.  Yeah, maybe old people don’t sweat anymore because they can’t move, but that doesn’t mean they smell better than young people.  Old man smell is about as bad as it gets.  It’s combination of original scent Old Spice, cigarette smoke, sarsaparilla, mold, and the weird shit they eat like sour krout and prune juice.  It’s not good.  And they are typically so old that can’t smell themselves or they simply don’t care anymore.  Just sitting around in their old decaying bodies without a concern for the senses of anyone around them.  I know all of that and I didn’t need a grant to fund a study where I sit around smelling arm pits.  Science is such a joke.

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