viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

“The results of this study support the cross-culturally popular concept of an old person odor,” writes the international team in a study published today in the journal PLoS ONE.

My topic is about the difference between the smell emitted by young people, middle-aged and elderly, the research was conducted by Dr. Johan Lundstrom of the University of Pennsylvania researchers with Monell Chemical Sense Center of the United States. first asked for volunteers to test them to be young, middle-aged and elderly people who put a tablet under the armpit for five nights and then Dr. Johan analyze these tests and reached the conclucion along with researchers that older people have a pleasant odor in your armpits, and young people also gave their contribution and said it was scientifically proven true as older people emit a pleasant odor in your armpits and Dr. Johan found that older people do not smell bad and that's a myth.

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